General Policy


The transaction may also be fully or partially revoked within the following 24 hours, by sending your personal data and the ID number received by e-mail to



The Peter’s Pence Office is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy and rights of persons and because the Internet is a potentially powerful tool for the circulation of your personal data, wanted to make a serious commitment to respect the rules of conduct – in line with Legislative Decree no. 196, of 30 June 2003, Data Protection Code – to ensure safe, controlled and confidential browsing on the network.

This policy to protect the confidentiality of information may change over time, taking into account any amendments and the legislative and regulatory changes in the field or to our institutional decisions, therefore, we invite you to check this section of our site.

We therefore invite you to review the rules that our Office has imposed for the collection and processing of personal data and for always providing a satisfactory service to users of its site.


Basic principles of the privacy policy

  • 1. process data exclusively for the purposes and in the manner illustrated in the information that is presented to the user each time you access a section of the site in which the contribution, direct or indirect, of personal data is proposed;
  • 2. use the data that were released spontaneously by the user;
  • 3. use profiling cookies only if the user has given consent to such use;
  • 4. transmit the data to third parties (data controllers) exclusively for purposes that are expressly requested and carefully selected by us;
  • 5. communicate the data to third parties only for activities related to your interest or if this is required by law, regulation or EU legislation;
  • 6. respond to requests for cancellation, modification, integration of personal data, opposition to data processing for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data for purposes of communication of information on our projects and requests for financial contributions in support of our institutional activities;
  • 7. ensure the correct and lawful processing of data, protecting your privacy and implementing appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data in question.


Information pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

As better explained in the sections that allow you to subscribe - by releasing your personal information - to the services for users of our website, the required data is used to respond to requests expressly made by the user. In particular, all collection activity regarding the data and its subsequent processing are aimed at the pursuit of the institutional purposes of the Peter’s Pence Office and in particular for:

  • regular and one-off donations made using various methods of payment (credit card, direct debit or other);
  • subscription to our newsletter;

The forms to fill out online provide for both the data that are strictly necessary to subscribe to the desired service, the failure to provide which will not allow us to proceed with the request, and for voluntary contribution data. All processing performed as part of this site will be done with both paper, electronic or computerised instruments related to the purposes for which the data were collected and in compliance with current safety standards, for the purposes specified in each instance in the notice presented to the user.

The Peter’s Pence Office shall not use the data provided for purposes other than those connected to the service to which the user has subscribed, and, in any case, only within the limits set forth in each instance in the information note.

For purposes related to the provision of the service to which the user has subscribed, the data may be made available to third parties, who will act as independent data controllers, and which provide outsourced services to fulfil the user’s request (for example, banks or issuers of credit cards to handle donation payments) or to which the disclosure of information is necessary to comply with laws or regulations. They will neither be disclosed for other purposes nor, in particular, disseminated or transferred abroad.

The personal data will be made available to persons expressly authorised by Peter’s Pence (and the data processors designated for the purpose), which carry out processing activities essential to the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes; the categories of the people responsible will in each instance in the information note. In general, these are the persons responsible for the provision of specific services, administration, management of the information services, relationships with current and potential donors, and the organisers of information campaigns on our projects. The Peter’s Pence Office, with its headquarters in Vatican City, is the Data Controller for the purposes and effects of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, since it decides in what way and for what reasons, communicated in the specific information note, to collect and use the personal data supplied by the user, as well as which tools to process them with and which safety procedures to activate to ensure their integrity, confidentiality and availability.

The rights guaranteed to you under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 allow you to delete, modify or supplement the information already provided spontaneously, and require its blocking, transformation into anonymous form or oppose its processing if carried out in violation of the law or if you do not want to receive information from the Peter’s Pence Office. By exercising these rights it will be possible for you to control the use of your data even after its conferment.


Consultation, modification and deletion of personal data - rights pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

You may also, at any time, exercise at (or alternatively, by writing to: Peter’s Pence Office, 00120 Vatican City) the rights referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, set forth below in its essential part. You are entitled to obtain:

  • 1. confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning you, and communication in an intelligible form of the data and their origin, and the logic and purpose on which the processing is based if performed with electronic instruments; the request can be renewed, unless there are justified reasons, after a period of not less than ninety days;
  • 2. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law;
  • 3. the updating, rectification or, if requested, integration of the data;
  • 4. to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning you;
  • 5. to object to the processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising material and interactive information communications.

Data Processors

Your personal data may be processed, either manually or electronically, either directly by the Peter’s Pence Office or by third parties who have the experience, technical skills, professionalism and reliability to perform data processing on behalf of our Office, in compliance with the security and confidentiality of the information and who are constantly monitored by us in their work. The complete, updated list of data processors may be requested from the e-mail address or the postal address of the Peter’s Pence Office, 00120 Vatican City.

Third parties to whom your data are communicated

Your data may be made available to third parties, autonomous data controllers, for purposes related to the provision of services of interest or compliance with laws and regulations that require their communication, as well as to control bodies. For example, they will be made available to banks or credit card issuers to allow the necessary transactions for the donation to be made. In any case, your data will never be the subject of dissemination.

What are cookies and how they are used by the Peter’s Pence Office?

Peter’s Pence uses cookies for its online activities. There are two main types of cookies (technical and non-technical). The Peter’s Pence website uses only technical, first-party and third-party cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored by the browser when accessing certain web pages. Cookies are used to optimise the user navigation (e.g. allow you to store your favourite navigation settings, such as the language). Cookies are then used as a tool to provide browsers with a better user experience. Click here to read the cookie policy.

The security of your personal data

Peter’s Pence Office adopts suitable preventive security measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, completeness and availability of your data. As required by the regulatory provisions governing the safety of personal data, we have developed technical, logistic and organisational solutions aimed at the prevention of damage, including accidental loss, alteration, misuse and unauthorised use of the data pertaining to you. Similar preventive security measures are taken by third parties (data controllers) to which the Peter’s Pence Office has entrusted data processing operations on its behalf. On the other hand, the Peter’s Pence Office cannot be held responsible for any false information sent by the user (e.g. accuracy of the e-mail or postal address or other personal data), or any information concerning them which may have been supplied by a third party, including fraudulently.

Credit card and financial information

In the case of a donation made by credit card, the Peter’s Pence Office guarantees maximum confidentiality and security. The financial information of the credit card (number, expiry date, name of the holder) will be known only by the Peter’s Pence Office and by the issuer. The retention of the related information will be limited to the period required to ensure the verification of the correct transaction. It should be noted, moreover, that the Peter’s Pence Office assumes no liability with respect to unauthorised or fraudulent use of your credit card by third parties.



Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, we inform you that:

  • a) The Data Controller and Data Processor is the Peter’s Pence Office, 00120 Vatican City;
  • b) your personal data (name, first name, address) fall within the category of non-sensitive identification data;
  • c) your personal data will be processed (electronically or otherwise) only by authorised parties for the sole purpose of carrying out the transaction you have requested and to send (also by email) information on the initiatives of Peter's Pence;
  • d) your information will be disclosed to third parties only in order to start the operation you requested and for sending informative material; in particular, the data may be made available to third parties, who will act as independent data controllers, and which provide outsourced services to fulfil the user’s request (for example, banks or issuers of credit cards to handle donation payments) or to which the disclosure of information is necessary to comply with laws or regulations. They will neither be disclosed for other purposes nor, in particular, disseminated or transferred abroad;
  • e) the provision of data is optional but in its absence we will not be able to process your request;
  • f) in extreme cases, you may apply to the indicated responsible person in order to: (i) obtain confirmation of the existence of your personal data and receive the related communication; (ii) verify the origin, purpose and methods of processing, and the logic applied in the processing itself; (iii) ensure the data are updated, corrected, supplemented, deleted, transformed into anonymous, blocked, and to obtain certification that the above transactions have been brought to the attention of the persons to whom the information was communicated; (iv) to oppose the processing of data and the sending of material.

Taking note of the above, I agree to the processing of my data.