"Let's take example from the saints of everyday life"

At the Mass celebrated 4 December, 2014, in the chapel at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis spoke of the many "authentic Christians" who build their life on the "rock that is Jesus" and live in "hidden sainthood", day after day.

"The rock was Christ, the rock is Christ". Therefore the only thing that matters is to "simply be grounded in Jesus, in following Jesus, on the road to Jesus. Let's think", the Holy Father said, "about the little ones; the sick who offer up their suffering for the Church, for others". And, continuing, "let's think of the many lonely elderly people who pray and make offerings. Let's think of the many mothers and fathers who care for their family and with great effort educate their children, face work everyday and face problems, but always hope in Jesus" and "don't show off, but do what they are able".

Truly, Francis repeated, "there are saints in everyday life". And he invited listeners to also think of "the many priests who don't stand in the limelight, but work in their parishes with great love: providing catechism for children, caring for the elderly and the sick, preparing new spouses. The same thing everyday. They are not bored because their foundation is the rock". They are people who live in "Jesus: this is what makes the Church holy; this is what brings hope". And "this is the joy of a Christian: knowing that in Him there's hope, there's forgiveness, there's peace, there's joy". Therefore it makes no sense for us to "put our hope in things that are here today and gone tomorrow".

“When we come forward to serve those who suffer, we resemble Jesus”