"During his earthly journey, man is never alone"

In the catechesis on hope during the General Audience of 26 April 2017, Pope Francis stated that: “During his earthly journey, man is never alone. There will never be a day in our life in which we cease to be a concern for the heart of God. […]

Our existence is a pilgrimage, a journey. Even those who are inspired simply by hope of a human nature perceive the allure of the horizon, which urges them to explore worlds they do not yet know. Our spirit is a migrant spirit. […]

“During his earthly journey, man is never alone. Above all, a Christian never feels abandoned, because Jesus assures us that he not only awaits us at the end of our long journey, but accompanies us in each of our days.

Among the Christian symbols of hope there is one that I like very much: the anchor. It expresses the notion that our hope is not vague; it is not to be confused with the shifting sentiment of those who wish to improve the things of this world in an unrealistic way, relying only on their own willpower. Indeed, Christian hope is not rooted in the allure of the future, but in the certainty of what God has promised us and accomplished in Jesus Christ”.

“The culture of throwaway values is surmounted by the culture of closeness”

“Let us welcome people with whatever little we may have to give”

"By stooping down to help our neighbour, we are lifted up to God"