“Jesus gave each one of us a name and placed us on a path”

“I would like for each one of us to remember our first calling, when Jesus gave us a name, our first vocation, our first love, and that combined it in the different tunes of life. Jesus gave each one of us a name and placed us on a path, a path of consecration: in the life of the family and in the consecrated family. A path of donation to Him and to our brothers and sisters in His name”. These are the words that Pope Francis addressed to the Consecrated groups and to the newlyweds and couples celebrating their golden and silver wedding anniversaries, who welcomed him on 9 September 2017 in front of the Apostolic Nunciature in Bogotà, Colombia.

“Therefore, every time it is necessary to once again combine that name in the various situations given to us to experience. When Jesus calls us and gives us our name, He does not give us life insurance. This we have to defend ourselves with humility and prayer, and seek it from the Lord. Give us strength, Lord, so that each one of us can go forward along the path to which You have called us . But no one has the assurance of perseverance in that name. We have to ask for it. And He gives it because He cares about us very much and wants us to stay. However, we have to beg for it. Don't forget it.”

“If you want to triumph in life as Jesus wants, beg for it because the main character of the story is the begger, the main character of the story of salvation is the begger, what each one of us carries within ourselves.”

The Lord is good and great in love

“The joy of a Christian is a gift to be shared”

“A Christian has to be good wheat and patient”