“Offer gestures of solidarity and hospitality amidst all the events afflicting the world”

“We will be men and women of resurrection, men and women of life, if, in the midst of the events that afflict the world, in the midst of worldliness that distances us from God, we are capable of offering gestures of solidarity, gestures of welcome, strengthening the universal desire for peace and the hope of an environment free from degradation.

These are common and human signs, but which, inspired and sustained by faith in the Risen Lord, take on a power that lies well beyond our abilities.” So said Pope Francis, on 17 April 2017, at the recitation of the Regina Caeli for Easter Monday.

“The Virgin Maria, the silent witness of the death and resurrection of her Son Jesus, helps us to act as clear signs of the resurrected Christ amidst the events taking place in the world,” he continued, “so that those who are in distress and in difficulty do not fall victim to pessimism and defeat, or to resignation, but find in us many brothers and sisters who offer them their support and consolation”.

“To serve is to sow love”

“Love is the engine that drives our hope forward”

“May we see Jesus in those who suffer and let us carry our own cross”

“We must avoid the difference between those who have too much and those who have nothing, between those who discard and those who are discarded”

“Let's stop for a while to discover the love and mercy of God in our history”

“Let’s look at the poor and marginalised through the eyes of Christ”