“Jesus opens us up to communion with our brothers and sisters”

Jesus is our mediator and He reconciles us not only with the Father, but also with one another. He is the source of love, who opens us up to communion with our brothers and sisters, to love each other, remove all conflict and resentment. We know that resentment is a bad thing, it does a lot of harm and it is very bad for us! Jesus removes all this to ensure that we love each other”. These were the words spoken by Pope Francis during the Angelus on 26 December 2017.

“This is the miracle of Jesus. Let us ask Jesus who was born for us, to help us achieve this dual mentality of faith in the Father and love for others; it is an attitude that transforms life and makes it more beautiful, more fruitful”.

“A wish for peace to all people and all nations on earth”

“Let us give everything we have to the Lord and our neighbour”

“Let’s not flee from the Cross when it comes”