“The joy of the Church is coming out of itself”

During the morning meditation in the Domus Sanctae Marthae Chapel on 9 December 2014, Pope Francis reminded us how “a person is comforted when he feels the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord, the Church celebrates, it is happy to go out of itself. The joy of the Church is to give birth, to come out of itself to give life, to go looking for the lost sheep, and witness the tenderness of the shepherd, the tenderness of a mother”.

Born in the same way is “the joy of seeking brothers and sisters who are far away: this is the joy of the Church”. It is then that the Church “becomes a mother, becomes fertile”. On the contrary, the Pontiff warned, “when the Church does not do this, it stands still, it is closed in on itself, even though it is well organised. And in this way it becomes a Church that is disheartened, anxious, sad, a Church that is more like a spinster than a mother. This Church is not useful, it is not a Church but a museum.