Donate to Peter’s Pence participate in a common path of Mercy

Charity above all requires an attitude of inner joy.

Peter’s Pence is a secular solidarity initiative by the faithful from all over the world which, by giving, allows the Catholic Church to carry out its mandate, taking part in works and structures of mercy. It is with this spirit of profound and human sharing that the Holy See welcomes each donation. It is the sharing of purpose, values and commitment with the most needy to which each believer is called every day.

A website for sharing

This new website was created by the will of the Holy See to form a single body with those who want to contribute to Peter’s Pence. Being and acting as a single body means moving in the same direction: for this reason, in the coming weeks and months, the site will grow by offering evidence of the Works of Mercy to which donations will be destined and showing, where possible, their constant development.